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This is Media Mavens with Pam and Riley - a biweekly podcast where we discuss our favourite, or not so favourite, movies, shows and video games.

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    I Spent 45 Minutes in a Locker (Episode 42)

    Just in time for Hallowe'en, we invited Kait Tremblay to talk about A Mortician's Tale and what the "Death Positive" movement is, horror in general and why we're drawn to the genre.

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    She's a Doctor but She's Also a Woman (Episode 41)

    Today it's just Riley and Pam again, talking about what we've been doing and answering some questions. We love to hate on Grey's Anatomy, talk about recent Overwatch changes and have differing opinions on the trailer for The Last Jedi.

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    This is Why There's Two of Us (Episode 40)

    We recorded the 40th episode of Media Mavens on International Podcast Day! It's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been doing these past weeks. Pam laments spending three hours of her life watching Batman vs Superman and Riley lets you know why you've been seeing so much KPOP on her Twitter feed lately.

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    I Understand Colonialism Now (Episode 39)

    We invited returning guest Dia Lacina on the show this week. We talk about her latest article on Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and what we've been up to.

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    That's a Whole Other Thesis (Episode 38)

    This week we invited Sara back to the show to talk about Blade Runner! She hadn't seen it, so we got to introduce her to a classic (again!).

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    Is This Actually Happening? (Episode 37)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been up to and answering listener questions. We do talk briefly in a spoilerific way about 13 Reasons Why and Game of Thrones - check the timestamps for those warnings.

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    More Themyscira! More Amazons! (Episode 34)

    This week we had Valerie Complex from Black Girl Nerds on the show to talk about Wonder Woman.

    Thank you all so much for your patience while we got this episode uploaded, we hope you enjoy it!

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    Salty Googling (Episode 33)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley again talking about what we've been up to and answering listener questions. We talk about Master of None, the games we're looking forward to from E3, Overwatch (as usual) and some new podcasts.

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