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This is Media Mavens with Pam and Riley - a biweekly podcast where we discuss our favourite, or not so favourite, movies, shows and video games.

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    You're Not the Boss of Me (Episode 49)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been up to and answering some listener questions. We share some unpopular opinions about some of the most loved games from last year, and talk about food a lot.

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    A Knife Taped to a Roomba (Episode 48)

    We invited Katherine Cross to the podcast to chat about sci-fi TV series, Black Mirror. We talk about the best episodes (and why they're the best), Katherine's article about the episode named "USS Callister", toxic fans and why we need optimistic media now.

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    So Many Ways We Could All Die (Episode 45)

    This episode we talked about disaster movies with Riley's brother Tyler! Why we love them, what makes them great (or terrible) and all the ways the world can kill us.

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    That's Weird, What Do You Do? (Episode 44)

    Pam and Riley talk about what they've been doing lately between Pam's long days at work and Riley's favourite kpop group consuming her every waking hour.

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    I Was the Sugar Daddy of my Guild (Episode 43)

    Today we invited our friend Kathryn on to talk about video games as a social activity. Online, couch co-op, eSports - we cover all the ways that gaming brings us together.

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    I Spent 45 Minutes in a Locker (Episode 42)

    Just in time for Hallowe'en, we invited Kait Tremblay to talk about A Mortician's Tale and what the "Death Positive" movement is, horror in general and why we're drawn to the genre.

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    She's a Doctor but She's Also a Woman (Episode 41)

    Today it's just Riley and Pam again, talking about what we've been doing and answering some questions. We love to hate on Grey's Anatomy, talk about recent Overwatch changes and have differing opinions on the trailer for The Last Jedi.

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    This is Why There's Two of Us (Episode 40)

    We recorded the 40th episode of Media Mavens on International Podcast Day! It's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been doing these past weeks. Pam laments spending three hours of her life watching Batman vs Superman and Riley lets you know why you've been seeing so much KPOP on her Twitter feed lately.

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