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This is Media Mavens with Pam and Riley - a biweekly podcast where we discuss our favourite, or not so favourite, movies, shows and video games.

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    You'll Want to Seize the Means of Production (Episode 63)

    After a very long hiatus, Media Mavens is finally back with guest host Sara! Pam and Sara talk about all the things from 2018 they haven't had a change to discuss including movies, tv, cynical thoughts on eSports, and true crime podcasts.

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    Come Visit My Tiny Hut (Episode 62)

    Today it's just Riley and Pam talking about what we've done since the last episode, and sharing plans for for the future of the podcast.

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    The 500 Words That Matter (Episode 61)

    We talk to Dia Lacina, Capsule Crit editor and creator, about what we've been doing lately and creating a space for short games writing!

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    Detonate a Bomb into the Sun (Episode 57)

    Pam and Riley chat about what they've been up to these last couple weeks! We talk space horror, more movies where mom isn't there, the Imperial Radch trilogy, ASMR and answer some listener questions!

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    Immersion is Not as Important as Not Being a Dirtbag (Episode 56)

    Adam Koebel joins us again today. He is a tabletop roleplaying game creator, GM and streamer. We talk about about his new show - Far Verona, running TTRPGs on Twitch and about 2 dozen other things ranging from moms in games to visual novels.

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    I'm THAT Asshole (Episode 54)

    It's Pam and Riley back again with what we've been up to in the last few weeks. And as usual, we talk about Overwatch for half the time.

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    You're Not the Boss of Me (Episode 49)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been up to and answering some listener questions. We share some unpopular opinions about some of the most loved games from last year, and talk about food a lot.

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    A Knife Taped to a Roomba (Episode 48)

    We invited Katherine Cross to the podcast to chat about sci-fi TV series, Black Mirror. We talk about the best episodes (and why they're the best), Katherine's article about the episode named "USS Callister", toxic fans and why we need optimistic media now.

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    So Many Ways We Could All Die (Episode 45)

    This episode we talked about disaster movies with Riley's brother Tyler! Why we love them, what makes them great (or terrible) and all the ways the world can kill us.

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    That's Weird, What Do You Do? (Episode 44)

    Pam and Riley talk about what they've been doing lately between Pam's long days at work and Riley's favourite kpop group consuming her every waking hour.

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    I Was the Sugar Daddy of my Guild (Episode 43)

    Today we invited our friend Kathryn on to talk about video games as a social activity. Online, couch co-op, eSports - we cover all the ways that gaming brings us together.

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    I Spent 45 Minutes in a Locker (Episode 42)

    Just in time for Hallowe'en, we invited Kait Tremblay to talk about A Mortician's Tale and what the "Death Positive" movement is, horror in general and why we're drawn to the genre.

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    She's a Doctor but She's Also a Woman (Episode 41)

    Today it's just Riley and Pam again, talking about what we've been doing and answering some questions. We love to hate on Grey's Anatomy, talk about recent Overwatch changes and have differing opinions on the trailer for The Last Jedi.

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    This is Why There's Two of Us (Episode 40)

    We recorded the 40th episode of Media Mavens on International Podcast Day! It's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been doing these past weeks. Pam laments spending three hours of her life watching Batman vs Superman and Riley lets you know why you've been seeing so much KPOP on her Twitter feed lately.

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    I Understand Colonialism Now (Episode 39)

    We invited returning guest Dia Lacina on the show this week. We talk about her latest article on Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and what we've been up to.

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    That's a Whole Other Thesis (Episode 38)

    This week we invited Sara back to the show to talk about Blade Runner! She hadn't seen it, so we got to introduce her to a classic (again!).

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    Is This Actually Happening? (Episode 37)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been up to and answering listener questions. We do talk briefly in a spoilerific way about 13 Reasons Why and Game of Thrones - check the timestamps for those warnings.

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    More Themyscira! More Amazons! (Episode 34)

    This week we had Valerie Complex from Black Girl Nerds on the show to talk about Wonder Woman.

    Thank you all so much for your patience while we got this episode uploaded, we hope you enjoy it!

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    Salty Googling (Episode 33)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley again talking about what we've been up to and answering listener questions. We talk about Master of None, the games we're looking forward to from E3, Overwatch (as usual) and some new podcasts.

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    Shoot Them to Heal Them (Episode 32)

    This episode it's just Pam and Riley talking about what we've been up to and answering listener questions. We cover everything from Overwatch to Get Out to what we're hoping for with new game releases.

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    I Have a Friend Who's Into It (Episode 31)

    We're talking about kpop on the show this week with Tamar Herman, a Billboard kpop contributor, and freelance writer who focuses on East Asian pop music and how it relates to the US and the effects of social media on that.

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    We're Just Spoiling Everything (Episode 30)

    This episode it's just Riley and Pam, talking about what we've been watching and playing and answering some listener questions. We talk some spoilers for Riverdale and Fallout 4 in our discussions, so check the show notes for when those happen.

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    Video Games Aren't Special (Episode 29)

    We invited Dia Lacina back to the show to talk about how there are just Too Many Games out right now and how we choose to play what we can.

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    I Got Chills (Episode 26)

    This episode it's just Riley and Pam. We talk about what we've been up to and answer listener questions about everything from Destiny and Mass Effect to Korean dramas to our favourite books.

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    Having a Nice Chat with Aliens (Episode 23)

    This week we talked to Yussef Cole about the Oscar-nominated movie Arrival. Plus we get some Mass Effect talk in, because what's a Media Mavens episode without Mass Effect?

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    I'm a Space Nerd (Episode 22)

    This is our longest episode to date, so buckle up!

    This week we're fortunate to chat with Fryda Wolff; voice actor, former sound designer and the voice of one of two protagonists in the new Mass Effect: Andromeda! We talk about voice acting and working for Bioware and some hopes for the future.

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    Mystic Mavens (Episode 18)

    Pam and Riley sit down to chat about what they've been up to. Riley talks about kpop for a solid 10 minutes, and Pam listens very kindly.

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    Stevenbomb (Episode 15)

    This week we talked to BrothaDom about the Cartoon Network hit, Steven Universe. We cover everything from representation, to how it appeals to people of all ages and answer a lot of listener questions.

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    To All the Games I've Never Played (Episode 14)

    We invited our friend AppeCiderWitch back to chat about her latest article, Gaming Without Nostalgia. We chat about what it's like to not have that connection to the 'classics' and feeling like an outsider.

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    Disturbing on a Narrative Level (Episode 13)

    This week we talked to returning guest Dia Lacina about open world games. We cover everything from Fallout 4 to Dead Rising to Grand Theft Auto. Plus a whole bunch of Bioware games (surprise!).

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    We Want to Stand Up (Episode 12)

    This week it's just Pam and Riley as we talk about what we've been up to and answer listener questions.

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    My Favourite Swear Word (Episode 9)

    This week it's just Pam and Riley talking about what they've been up to lately and answering listener questions.

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    F*ckboy Murder Simulator (Episode 8)

    This week we invited Dia Lacina to dish about our favourite murder simulator and overall great scary game, Until Dawn.

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    Not a Nuclear Physicist (Episode 5)

    This week we talk to Megan Patterson, writer at Paper Droids and The Mary Sue, about the post-apocalyptic CW show The 100.

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    45 Minutes of Swamp Thing (Episode 4)

    This week we talk to Adam Koebel, co-designer of Dungeon World and full-time Twitch streamer about tabletop roleplaying.

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    Let It Be a Zombie Baby (Episode 2)

    This episode we have our first guest, Kahlief Adams of the Spawn on Me podcast, and we discuss The Walking Dead.

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    Suffer With Me (Episode 1)

    Our very first episode of the show!

    Get to know the hosts, Pam and Riley as they talk about what they've played and watched lately!

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